Timeless in Seri Menanti

The cannon I WAS designed and built as a weapon for war, but those duties – last performed during the fight against communism – are long gone. Now I announce duty and celebration to the people of the valley. Seven... more »

From London to Lundu

MEMBERS of the Anglican Church in Borneo started their own gawai this month, marking the 170th anniversary of the founding of the Mission in this part of Borneo. The organisers have planned a series of events for the parishioners to... more »

Ramadan in the new Malaysia

RAMADAN is about cleansing and purification, and for most Muslims it is both a joy and a challenge to be as productive while fulfilling the religious obligations.  For me the daily routine of this year’s fasting has been similar to... more »

Are you cognitively flexible?

COGNITIVE flexibility may not rank as high as complex problem solving or emotional intelligence in the World Economic Forum report ‘The Future of Jobs’, but it remains a significant skill to have in order to compete in the global digital... more »
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